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Your Loved One Gets Arrested

The Bail Bond system was established to protect individuals who are arrested and accused of a crime. When a family member or a loved one is arrested and taken to jail or a county detention center, they will be detained until a bond is paid. The amount of the bond/bail will depend on the reason for the arrest, but once bond has been determined and posted your loved one can be released.

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You Receive A Call From Jail

Often, since the defendant is detained, a family member or close friend is the one making arrangements for the defendant's release. Since you are reading this right now, you have likely received a call or been notified that someone close to you needs your help.

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You Either Pay The Cash or You Call Bob

If you are able to pay the full amount of the bond, this can often be paid directly to the jail.

However, if the bond amount is more than you can come up with at short notice, Bob can help get your loved one released in the shortest time possible.

Get in touch with Bob at the bottom of this page and he will walk you through the process.

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Your Loved One Gets Out and You Move On

Once the bond amount is paid in full to the jail, the defendant is released. At this time, plans should be made to make sure all conditions in the bail documents are met, including showing up at court as scheduled.

When the defendant complies with all requirements and appears in court the Bond will be considered settled regardless of the court verdict.

Bob will walk you through all the steps so that you and your loved one can move forward with life in the shortest time possible. Call Bob for all the details.

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