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What Exactly Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an agreement that the person being charged will appear before the court.

The amount of the bail is decided on by the judge. Once this amount is set, the choices are to stay in jail, pay the bail amount in full, or get a bail bond.

If your loved one does not want to remain in jail and you are unable to pay the full bail amount, then call Bob and he will walk you through your options to get them out of jail fast.

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Common Bail Bond Services

If you received a call that a loved one has been detained, then you most likely need an appearance bond. Appearance bonds guarantee that the defendant appear in court.

Some of the most common appearance bonds are DUI bonds, misdemeanor bonds, felony bonds, traffic bonds, and transfer bonds.

The bail bond services we provide include walking you through the process so you know what is happening, answering all your questions, getting your loved one out ASAP.

These services are provided routinely in Hillsborough and Pasco counties, and also available throughout the state of Florida and most of the Southeast.

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Appearance Bonds

County Ordinances


Federal Bonds



Traffic Violations

Transfer Bonds

Warrant Bonds

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"I will recommend bob to anyone I know or dont know for that matter. He was the only one that came to our rescue when no one else would because we are out of county people. He was very understanding and was willing to work with us anyway possible. I give him 5 stars only because 5 stars is as high as it will let me rate him." - Jennifer Alber

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