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A Phone Call From Jail

Have you just received a call from a family member or friend from Jail? It’s frightening when someone you care about is behind bars; it’s even more stressful to know they are counting on you for help. If you expected the call you still may not have a plan of action in mind. Getting them out of jail is the first step, but you probably don’t know where to start.

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How Much Time and Money is Required?

How long will it take to bring my friend or loved one home? If bond has been set, you need to know how and when to pay the required bail. Help is only a phone call away for both bail money and timely advice! You need a Bail Bondsman who serves San Antonio area and residents.

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You Need To Call Bob

Get the answers you want and need for all your questions in one easy call. Bob Barger is an experienced Bail Bondsman and he is available 24/7. He has 30 years’ experience in the criminal justice system and will work with you until this matter is fully resolved. He can explain all of your options and obligations as he works with you through the entire legal process. Bob will help you get your lives back on track.

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Peace of Mind is Priceless

A call to Bob is the first step towards, reuniting your family, resolving the problem, and ending a challenging event. Bob Barger will guide you as you work together to regain control of your life and rebuild your family unit.

When you need a Bail Bondsman in San Antonio, Bob Barger is only a call away. Contact him online, or by phone to arrange a consultation and the help you require.

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"Would recommend him to anyone! great and professional! and help put my wife who was super stressing at ease in this stressful time!!!!!!" - Tucker Coates

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