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You Just Received An Unfortunate Call

Maybe you knew this day was coming... Or maybe it caught you completely by surprise... No one plans on needing the services of a Bail Bondsman- sometimes life just happens.

Maybe you or a loved one are in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe an accident or an argument spins out of control. Any time the police are called to investigate it is important to know what steps are required to get your own life or a loved one’s life back on track.

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The Bail Amount is More Than You Have

Either way, you now have some tough decisions to make... Starting with "How do I get my loved one out of jail?" If you, a friend or family member are arrested and booked into jail or a detention center the first concern will almost certainly be to arrange for a timely release.

Knowing what to do and when to do it can be overwhelming. This is not the time to rely on hearsay or your own judgement. An experienced Bail Bondsman is needed to ensure a smooth experience with legal follow up.

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Call Bob to Get Your Loved One Out ASAP

While there are some decisions you'll have to make on your own... There are Many that Bob can help you with to make the process Much Easier... A lawful determination will be made during the booking process as to whether bail can be posted.

Some offenses, such as domestic battery, require an appearance before a magistrate before bail is granted. If a bond is allowed the local jail will supply a list of experienced Bail Bond agents available for assisting the defendant. The defendant may place the call personally or have a family member make the arrangements.

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Then You Can Move Forward With Life

You need to get your life back on track as soon as possible... We're here to help walk you through the process so you can move forward in life... If a defendant pays bail directly to the jail the full amount is usually required. A Wesley Chapel Bail Bonds LLC can assist with numerous payment options.

Collateral is not always needed, and payment plans are available. We provide not only bonds, but guidance and thorough follow-up through completion of all legal procedures. A Wesley Chapel Bail Bonds LLC offers 30 years of experience to the entire Tampa Bay area.

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"Bob is the best! Answered all my questions and took great care in my time of need. I highly recommend him if you need a bail bond." - Jan Low

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